A Purposeless Universe

It should go without saying that our universe has no intent, if such a vast universe were made solely for us, a meek species of ape that can only inhabit a small portion of the surface of one average planet, in one average solar system, in an average, minor even, arm of an unextraordinary galaxy that is merely one out of hundreds of billions of galaxies in our own universe alone, why is it that the vast majority of that universe is deadly, far and wide, to humanity. Indeed, the universe is trying to kill us every day. To think that we are special, that this universe was made just for us, is absurd, and it is not only absurd, but arrogant and foolish as well.

One could accuse me of being a nihilist, but I am merely stating objective reality, and if one were to continue reading further, you will see that is not the case at all. Just because the universe is without purpose doesn’t mean you, the reader, are without purpose, or I, the author, am without purpose. It would be absurd to say otherwise. But we weren’t “created” with any divine plan in mind, the fact that we exist at all is statistically unlikely, the result of a chance encounter between one sperm and one egg, which itself is the result of a chance encounter between one man and one woman. Your parents. If one were to roll back the clock, would your parents still get together and have sex on that particular night that that particular sperm and egg happened to combine? I don’t know, but I don’t think the universe is deterministic, so if I were a betting man, I would bet that the probability of that chance encounter happening again would be effectively nil.

But what does give us purpose, then, if no one intended for us to even exist? Well, you see, the answer is simple. We ourselves give our lives whatever purpose we desire within our own limited time here on Earth. So don’t lament that fact, embrace it instead. You can be out there, creating a legacy that will far outlast your death, if you only cared enough. We ourselves determine if we will be remembered or not by future generations based off of our actions, and in that respect, only we can give ourselves purpose.