May Day is upon us

May Day, the international worker’s day, is upon us. Remember to honor the working man’s struggle this day, and to support your local labor unions wherever they may be. Much has improved since the days of the Pullman Strike, but much needs to be improved as well. Raise the minimum wage to a livable wage for starters, here in the US $7.25 an hour isn’t even enough to rent an apartment with. Establish and strengthen safety nets in place for the laid off and unemployed, and oppose so-called “austerity measures” really meant to fuck over the poor while shielding the rich during times of economic hardship, support stronger, Keynesian reforms and regulations to prevent, for one, another Great Depression/Recession, hold Wall Street accountable for its criminal actions, and abolish legalized bribery euphemized as “lobbying,” which makes the people in power less beholden to the people and more beholden to robber baron corporations.

Face it, people, the Gilded Age was a horrible time to live in for the average worker, we really don’t want to go back to it again. So remember to do your part in the ever-going class struggle, and when November rolls around for my American audience, to vote left.