On Civility and Change

Civility is a buzzword often thrown around a lot to dissuade people from trying to achieve meaningful change; in order to exact such change one must be confrontational. Nonviolent protesting does NOT mean nonconfrontational protesting. Calls for “civility” are thrown around to imply “both sides” are equally at fault for the unequal power disparity between the two groups, it’s a bullshit argument, nothing more than a smokescreen designed to allow the people benefiting from the status quo to continue reaping the fruits of their ill-gotten gains.

They know that “civility” does not enact meaningful change, that’s why they call for people to be “civil,” because nothing will be done about the oppressed group’s grievances without confrontation. So-called “moderates” are really anything but, the moderate position would be to call for the wrongdoers to be brought to justice and for the victims to receive justice. Therefore so-called “moderates” are actually people who stand to benefit from the system as it is, rather than the people actually suffering at the bottom.

One of the moderate’s favorite pets is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, note how during the riots of the Black Lives Matter movement you had pundits saying “what would Dr King think of this?” Dr King would join them, he was no moderate, he was nonviolent yes, but he wasn’t nonconfrontational. King himself went to jail dozens of times for nonviolently, but confrontationally, protesting the injustices of Jim Crow. Furthermore, King was a socialist, but don’t expect these clowns to tell you that. By the end of King’s life he was becoming even more radical, as he saw that no meaningful change was being enacted, and the gains the Civil Rights Movement have made have been rolled back over the following half-century since the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement.


First they came…..

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak for I was not a socialist. Then they came for the unions, and I did not speak for I was not a unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak for I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and I had no one left to speak for me. РMartin Niem̦ller

Centrists, unbeknownst to themselves, occupy a dangerous place in the political spectrum today. They do not realize that there is no longer room to be “neutral” in the current societal upheavals, and sooner or later they will have to bend tow to the rising tides of revolution and reaction.

Fascism is on the rise, and since fascism continually requires an “other” to denigrate and oppress in order to justify its existence, sooner or later the usefulness of the centrists and so-called “moderates” will have run out, and they too will be turned on as the Nazis run out of “others” in their place.

Let this be seen as a warning to the likes of Andy Ngo and Ben Shapiro, the Nazis don’t care about you, you’re only a useful idiot for them, as soon as your usefulness has run out, well, just look at history for an example of what happens to people no longer useful to the fascist regime.

Fetal heartbeat bills

Recently there has been a trend among red states to outlaw abortion after six weeks, when the first fetal heartbeat occurs. Of course this is before many women are aware of their pregnancies, but since when did old, white conservative males ever gave a fuck about what women want in relation to their own bodies? Never. The ultimate end goal of this seems to be to get to the Supreme Court, where abortion was legalized up to twenty weeks after conception in the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v Wade (1973).

The timing to pass these bills is especially suspicious given that we now have a conservative majority in Congress, including the rapist and perjurer Brett Kavanaugh, who is also very conservative. Chief Justice Roberts is now the swing vote ever since Justice Kennedy retired, hopefully he sees the light of reason and votes against this blatant attempt at denying women of their rights to bodily autonomy. Keep your fingers crossed, folks, it’s going to be a long ride.

Remember, if conservatives were really concerned with small government, they wouldn’t try restricting the rights of women to have the final say over their own bodies, but they aren’t, they never were. It’s blatant hypocrisy, after all, as Ted Haggard once infamously said, “as Christians we have a right to treat certain people differently.” Mr Haggard then went on to be caught having sex with a gay prostitute. Classy.

May Day is upon us

May Day, the international worker’s day, is upon us. Remember to honor the working man’s struggle this day, and to support your local labor unions wherever they may be. Much has improved since the days of the Pullman Strike, but much needs to be improved as well. Raise the minimum wage to a livable wage for starters, here in the US $7.25 an hour isn’t even enough to rent an apartment with. Establish and strengthen safety nets in place for the laid off and unemployed, and oppose so-called “austerity measures” really meant to fuck over the poor while shielding the rich during times of economic hardship, support stronger, Keynesian reforms and regulations to prevent, for one, another Great Depression/Recession, hold Wall Street accountable for its criminal actions, and abolish legalized bribery euphemized as “lobbying,” which makes the people in power less beholden to the people and more beholden to robber baron corporations.

Face it, people, the Gilded Age was a horrible time to live in for the average worker, we really don’t want to go back to it again. So remember to do your part in the ever-going class struggle, and when November rolls around for my American audience, to vote left.