Gravity, what is it? No one knows exactly *what* gravity is. We can predict its behaviors but not much else, because even relativity’s only an incomplete view. We don’t know exactly what the essence of gravity is, nor the answer to other conundrums like why gravity is so weak compared to the other three forces, and to be frank, speculation aside, we may never know the answer to this haunting riddle, the riddle that has haunted scientists since the days of Galileo and Newton, what is gravity?

This video by the excellent as always John Michael Godier elaborates more on this subject:

I highly recommend it.

Quantum Woo: A Tale of Superstition and Physical Reality

Woo practitioners like to appropriate concepts from actual science in a rather pathetic attempt to give their bunk some veneer of faux-legitimacy, and by “concepts” I mean use random technobabble to make your woo sound more scientific than it actually is. One such case is by appropriating jargon from quantum mechanics such as the word “quantum” itself.

These idiots rely on the fact that quantum states remain in flux until observed, when, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, they collapse into one of those many states. No one really understands quantum mechanics, I sure don’t, but we do know certain things about the nature of the quantum world. Before we go any further let me make it clear, just because we don’t know the metaphysical consequences of quantum mechanics doesn’t mean they know it either.

Whenever before in history something previously assumed to be of supernatural in character was tested, it always turned out to be totally natural in character, so I see no reason for us to assume differently for quantum decoherence. Another thing that should be pointed out that the Copenhagen interpretation is only one interpretation of many, we don’t know enough about the quantum world to be certain, but it is likely that quantum effects become so improbable on larger scales to be effectively diluted to the point that it is practically impossible for them to occur because gravity counteracts their effects, so sorry, quantum mechanics isn’t going to allow you to start wielding the Force anytime soon.

Also being an observer doesn’t mean that anything has to be conscious in order to observe something, an unthinking machine taking measurements still counts as an observer, so quantum consciousness is bullshit either way.