A riddle

If bread leads to toaster, and toaster leads to toast, does bread lead to toast?

I would think this to be a valid logical formulation, but it appears to me to rest upon a case of *conditional* logic, in order for it to be logically true it needs to meet a certain set of criteria, the criteria in this case being if the bread in question was meant to be toasted, and if a toaster was going to be used to toast the bread in question. So, does bread lead to toast?


Contrary to popular belief, Usenet is not dead, and in fact certain newsgroups are quite active, such as the (in)famous creation/evolution “controversy” discussion newsgroup talk.origins, which I am proud to say I am a member of. I do not believe that Usenet will ever truly die for as long as there are people who prefer the text of a command line over the shitty Web 2.0, Usenet will live on.

In order to get onto Usenet you need a newsreader and a newsserver, something like Mozilla Thunderbird for the newsreader and Albasani.net for the newsserver would do, both are free and vastly superior to Google Groups, the web-based Usenet interface.

Have fun!