Ultimate Authority

I was told by my neurologist if I “had thoughts or feelings of hurting oneself or others to go to the emergency room immediately,” that was during a period of time I was considering ending my life. Life just wasn’t worth living. Only now do I realize the meaning of his words. I don’t think even he understood the full implication of what he said.

The state has the power to effectively imprison you for wanting out, it is the ultimate coercive power, the state decides when you die, you don’t even have control over your own life or death, the state does. It can decide when, and if, to put you down, but Christ forbid that someone try to appropriate that power from the state, to achieve the ultimate bodily autonomy.

Throwing you inside a psychiatric ward just for wanting out, it is the ultimate coercive power, the ultimate example of the unjust authority the state wields. It can decide when you die, how you die, but you can’t. It is illegal for you to take your own life, but not for the state, for whom nothing is illegal, since it makes and enforces the law.

Call it authoritarian, call it justified, whatever, don’t try to convince me of your moralistic hogwash, with your fallacious appeals to emotion. I am not swayed, I am only swayed by cold, hard fact, and the fact of the matter is is that the state’s ability to decide whether you live or die is the ultimate example of authoritarianism there is to be found.

I can be involuntarily committed to a psych ward for wanting out, the difference between being “lawfully” held captive and being “unlawfully” held captive is arbitrary, “unlawfully” holding someone captive deprives the state of the ability to “lawfully” hold someone captive. What is the difference? I am still in chains, it doesn’t matter to me whether my captors are acting within the purview of the law or not, they are my oppressors.

Tell me something, muse, why does the state get an exemption from criminality, but the people do not? Is the state above the law? “Nobody is above the law,” the liberal says. I say bollocks, someone has to enforce the law, and in order to enforce the law you have to be above it.

Liberalism is intellectually dishonest, inconsistent. Statist libertarianism is intellectually dishonest, inconsistent. Fascism of all things is more honest than liberalism, for at least the fascist will be plain with you what he wants, he doesn’t hold any pretenses to the contrary.

The liberal does, however, for they believe it to be “for your own good,” but does my “own good” entail being held captive, imprisoned, for wanting to take control over my own life? Foucault was right.

Some thoughts concerning psych wards

I was at the mental hospital recently and I have a few thoughts concerning my experience there, as well as the experiences of those people around me. First let me get some of the common misconceptions out of the way, the people in mental hospitals aren’t entirely homicidal psychopaths, hardly so, in fact they’re people like you and me. There are many myths surrounding mental illness that give it an undue stigma and which help to ward people away from treatment.

Secondly psych wards aren’t like what they’re portrayed as in the media, hellish places from which there is no escape, the average stay at the one I went to was about 3-7 days on average, I stayed there for about four days, give or take a few hours. They’re actually rather boring places to be frank. The most popular form of entertainment was watching fucking Impractical Jokers on the TV there, cards was also pretty popular.

Now that’s out of the way let’s get down to the nitty gritty stuff, what determines whether or not you leave the hospital is down to compliance more than anything else, the patients have little say over whether or not they get to leave, and that presents a problem, since it is an infringement on personal autonomy. Hospitals will also boot you out the door as soon as your insurance stops paying, which says something.

I resorted to a lot of sleeping and pacing to pass the time, it was more of a wait to get out than anything else. So-called “pink slips” are also a bastard thing, in which you are legally mandated to be held under psychiatric supervision for 72 hours without regard to autonomy or individual context. I think the process should be a lot more democratic, that way less abuses can occur. There was also very little privacy there, even when showering you had little to no privacy, with the door cracked open and someone just outside it. That too should be changed.

In general I think the entire system should be reformed, or better yet, replaced, preferably with community involvement in treatment and giving patients more of a say over their own treatment, there should also be more respect for personal autonomy and privacy, but I don’t expect any meaningful change to occur anytime soon, but that’s just me.