Climate denial and alarmism

This blog post seems to equate climate alarmism with denial, but, as I and others pointed out in the comments, climate alarmism serves a purpose that denialism doesn’t:

“I can understand what Denialism is. Here people are just refusing to accept the science. However, Alarmism is something I am not so clear on. Sure, it can be viewed as a form of Denialism where instead of diminishing the effects of climate change, the effects are greatly exaggerated. But this seems to me to be rare. Most people I know find it alarming that we are not going to keep warming under 2 deg. The 2009 4 deg and Beyond conference discussed changes to freshwater, land use, agriculture, rainfall, and so on that I would certainly classify as alarming. If a 4 deg world is nothing to get alarmed about, at what point then should we be alarmed?

comment by Greg Guy

Climate alarmism serves the purpose of spreading awareness at just how urgent the climate change question really is, what should be warned against is climate doomerism, that there is nothing that can be done about climate change and that we should continue living as normal. That serves the interests of the ruling class, not the common people. It’s in the interest of the species as a whole to fight climate change, this may very well mean the death of the current capitalist way of life (not that that’s a bad thing), but it honestly means the difference between systems collapse and survival if we don’t.