America has fallen from grace.

Anarchy will take her place.

The collapse of the imperial state.

America is buckling under her own weight.

They say this is the greatest country on this Earth.

But it is built on the blood of a hundred million hearths.

Built on the blood and the tears of the poor, the slave, and the native.

The bourgeoisie shall be plative.

As their end is drawn near.

It is the end of this grand sneer.

The Old Wolf.

Of the Old Wolf much we do not know, for what we know has only been passed down to us through word of mouth, rather than by the marks you use to record this with.

The Old Wolf, it is said, is responsible for the disappearance of our gods. He was trusted by them, and lured them into a trap.

The gods had been in a never-ending war with the Unknown Ones, and the Old Wolf was viewed as kin by both clans.

The Unknown Ones knew of his cunning, and so counted him among them.

The Gods had also counted the Old Wolf among them, for he was the sworn blood-brother of the Grim Father.

Both camps came to him for a way to end the endless war, and the Old Wolf saw a way to benefit from the arrangement.

He arranged for a truce to be held, but said that in order for the truce to work, the Gods had to go to Heaven, and the Nameless Ones to Hell.

There he locked both clans away forever. He is now the only god remaining with the people. He is said to have laughed himself to glee for several centuries thereafter.

The Old Wolf still walks among us, and that is why we worship him, so as to not provoke his wrath.

The Questionable Nature of “Human Nature”

I find that those who cry about “human nature” are the most ignorant about human nature in general. It’s fallacious in nature, and denies the role societies play in determining what counts as “human nature” and what doesn’t. Certainly war, violence, and aggression are natural to the human condition, but equally so are peace, kindness, and solidarity.

We just so happen to live in a violently competitive culture, so therefore human nature is “violent and competitive,” and examples of human societies to the contrary are deemed “savage” and “primitive.” It’s not a coincidence that the loudest of these sophists are apologists for capital, for the ruling class, who must do everything in their power to enforce their hegemony over society, lest the common folk get too uppity.

If it is in our nature to be self-destructive, then why is that a nature worth embracing and fighting for? The ills of capitalism and authoritarianism are legion, to hand-wave away the problematic nature of capitalism with “it’s just human nature” is an evasion, a sleight-of-hand designed to avoid being confronted the inhumanity of the status quo.

Humans aren’t good or bad by nature, instead we are sociable, no man is an island. If you were to have been born in, say, India, you would likely have a different social outlook than the average Westerner. You’d most likely be Hindu, or Muslim, than be a Christian.

Human nature is not set in stone, and changes with the times. Appeals to human nature are fallacious, and violate Hume’s Guillotine. Why resort to such a spook as human nature in the first place then, if only to shoot down leftist arguments and ideologies?


Black holes and a clever trick

Over a year ago, last April, astronomers made history (as they always do, of course) when they managed to take the first ever photo of a black hole. Not just any black hole, but the supermassive black hole located at the center of Messier 87, a massive elliptical galaxy located in the Virgo Cluster over 50 million light years away. This link, which I will post at the end of my spiel, goes over just how exactly we pulled off such an astonishing feat.

In short, we linked together telescopes from all over the world, essentially creating a telescope the size of the earth, all synchronized towards one particular object, in this case, the black hole at the center of M87. This technique is known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry, or VLBI for short. Yes, astronomers aren’t very creative with their naming scheme.

The supermassive black hole located at the center of M87 is over a thousand times the mass of the black hole at the center of our own galaxy, Sagitarrius A*, which is 4 million solar masses, versus the 6 billion solar masses of M87’s supermassive black hole. M87 was chosen both for its size, and for the fact that it is an active black hole, unlike our own.

The odds of successfully pulling this off were incredibly low, but we succeeded, almost as if it was an act of divine providence that we would actually pull this off. I’ll leave the question of whether it was or not to the theologians, of course. Besides setting history for taking the first photo of an actual black hole ever, this event is also important cause it further confirms Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Those looking for answers regarding quantum gravity and how to successfully reconcile the disagreements between the Standard Model and relativity will have to wait their turn for now, alas.

As promised, here’s the link:

The Implications of Being Alone

Someone once said, I forget who, that “we are either alone or we are not, both options are equally terrifying.” I’d like to propose a corollary to that, while they may be equally terrifying, the implications of both, especially when taking into regard the Great Filter hypothesis, are markedly different from each other.

If we are alone that’s arguably good, but still terrifying, news, because it means we have past the Great Filter that so many other would be civilizations have failed to pass through, we essentially have the entire universe to ourselves, and will not only survive, but thrive, perhaps even become as gods, but the implications of what it means to be alone are still vast. I dare not explore them.

If we are *not* alone, that’s bad, and still terrifying, news, because it means we have *not* passed the Great Filter, then, and we don’t have the universe to ourselves. It means that the path to a toolmaking and spacefaring civilization is an easy one, and that the Great Filter lies beyond the point at which life arises.

If we discover extraterrestrial microbes, that’s bad news, if we discover complex extraterrestrial life that’s even worse news, if we discover extraterrestrial toolmaking intelligences that’s a death sentence for ourselves and them.

Let us pray we do not discover alien life any time soon, however, the likelihood of alien life existing is, as a recent study showed, statistically inevitable, so we may be doomed after all.

How Did Life Begin? New Study Reveals Life in the Universe Could Be Common

Have chimps entered the Stone Age?

Over 3 million years ago our distant australopithecine ancestors made tools more complex than anything modern day apes can make, the oldest evidence for stone tools dates back 3.4 My old cut marks on ancient animal bones showing signs of having been butchered with stone tools, the next oldest finds are the Lomekwi tool industry, which I’ve gone over before. The Lomekwi tool industry is much more complex than what even chimps can make, but much more primitive than even the Oldowan tools made by early *Homo*. Whoever the makers of the Lomekwi tools were, they deliberately singled out large rocks, at the expense of smaller ones, and their tools are heavier than any stone age tools discovered since then, the largest one weighing 15 kilos.

This is a video by the small and underrated channel North 02 who goes over the common headline that chimps have entered the stone age, he points out that even fish use rocks as tools, and to say that they’ve only recently entered the stone age is ludicrous, we’ve known that chimps have been making tools for at the very least thousands of years (that in and of itself may be due to chimps observing ancient humans making and using stone tools, rather than any innovation among themselves).

I wrote this synopsis of the video both to flesh it out a little bit (specifically the archaeologically focused segment) and provide an explanation of what the video’s about for people uninterested in watching Youtube videos.

I believe Tara Reade

That’s all there is to it. Biden is a rapist. What happened to “believing all women?” It’s as if it doesn’t apply to politicians who are blue. I get accused of being a Trump enabler for not being willing to vote for a rapist, but Biden isn’t much better than Trump anyways. Being “better than Trump” is a really low bar, and shouldn’t be the standard we apply politicians to.

Biden has a lot of problems, including having voted multiple times to cut Social Security and Medicaid, numerous problems with race, such as sponsoring the 1994 Crime Bill that severely impacted African American people, having said he’d veto Medicare 4 All  if it went to his desk, and more.

#VoteBlueNoMatterWho is a sham. Vote the way your conscience dictates, not they way some hyper-liberal fucks tell you to.

800ky old human proteome unlocked

The dental proteome of the 800k year old archaic human Homo antecessor has been decoded using fancy new methods of extracting ancient biomolecules from their hosts.

If you’re not aware, Homo antecessor was a variant of Homo erectus that inhabited Europe for a time span of ultimately 400ky from 1.2 Ma to 800kya, but were ultimately a dead end in terms of evolution. It was thought they may have been the progenitor species of archaic hominin from which modern humans, Neanderthals, Homo heidelbergensis, and Denisovans arose, but it turns out they were a sister taxon not directly ancestral to any of the populations I listed above.

However, it is known that when the ancestors of the Neanderthals and Denisovans (the so-called “Neandersovans”) left Africa, they intermixed with a so-called “super-archaic” that were the remnants of an extremely early human migration out of Africa, some 1.9 Ma.

Make of that what you will.