A Defense of Egoism

I do not care for your morals, for your spooked ethics, for your hogwash of moral this, immoral that. I only care about what pleases my ego, there is no such thing as morality. Morality itself is a spook. To define a “spook,” well, a spook essentially is any idea or social construct that you beholden yourself to, such as morals, the economy, or the nation.

Stirner tells us to take command of spooks for our own benefit, to use or dispel them as we see fit. The universe does not operate on human sensibilities, and to be quite frank, what even are “human sensibilities” anyways? Human nature, in other words. What is “human nature?”

If you were to tell me it’s the “human condition,” you’ll have yourself a tautology, you’ve just provided me a synonym for “human nature,” not an actual definition. “Communism/anarchism/insert boogeyman ideology here is antithetical to human nature,” says the idiot liberal. Ask them what human nature is, and suddenly they go silent.

Human nature, just like morality, is, in other words, a spook. Now, I’ve been told that egoism is selfishness, or that you have to have morals to be a good person, to which I respond, what do morals have to do with being a good person? Be a good person because or if it pleases your ego, not because you are obliged to a social construct, an unreal entity, a spook.

Capitalism, communism, morality, the state, the nation, patriotism, family, all of these things are spooks, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to beholden yourself to them or not. As for me, I will not slave away to some higher ideal that is not my own. I will either make it my own, or banish it, for it is of no use to me.

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