The Old Wolf.

Of the Old Wolf much we do not know, for what we know has only been passed down to us through word of mouth, rather than by the marks you use to record this with.

The Old Wolf, it is said, is responsible for the disappearance of our gods. He was trusted by them, and lured them into a trap.

The gods had been in a never-ending war with the Unknown Ones, and the Old Wolf was viewed as kin by both clans.

The Unknown Ones knew of his cunning, and so counted him among them.

The Gods had also counted the Old Wolf among them, for he was the sworn blood-brother of the Grim Father.

Both camps came to him for a way to end the endless war, and the Old Wolf saw a way to benefit from the arrangement.

He arranged for a truce to be held, but said that in order for the truce to work, the Gods had to go to Heaven, and the Nameless Ones to Hell.

There he locked both clans away forever. He is now the only god remaining with the people. He is said to have laughed himself to glee for several centuries thereafter.

The Old Wolf still walks among us, and that is why we worship him, so as to not provoke his wrath.