“Why is there anything at all?”

I must admit I’ve been bothered by the fact that we ultimately cannot find a satisfactory answer for why something like existence itself, well, exists. We now know the Big Bang (probably) wasn’t the origin of everything, and that the current stage of the universe we find ourselves in is just the latest stage of an eternally evolving universe that may very well be part of a larger multiverse, but where did that come from?

“Everything must have a cause” according to Leibniz’s “Principle of Sufficient Reason,” and yet all the causes offered up so far, from God to random quantum fluctuations, don’t give a satisfactory answer. It’s been suggested that this ultimate question of metaphysics is the philosophical equivalent of attempting to square the circle, but I cannot find myself accepting that. There has to be some sort of answer, and this is the territory that allows theism (or at the very least deism) to subtly creep back in, the ultimate god of the gaps that may very well never be shaken out of its hiding spot.

The idea that there exists things humanity will never even hope to comprehend is something far more suitable for Lovecraft’s universe than the scientifically enlightened (for a given value of “enlightened”) one we find ourselves in, and the fact this may very well be true is what disturbs me on a fundamental level. I am afraid I cannot give a satisfactory answer to this, and nor can anyone else. I am sorry.

4 thoughts on ““Why is there anything at all?”

    1. Indeed, apologists are disingenuous scum for sure, and they’re not the type of person who’s likely gonna give you an honest answer on this, or, well, anything. No one knows, no one, and it’s dishonest to claim otherwise.


      1. I’ll agree with ‘disingenuous,’ but give many of them the benefit of the doubt that they’re not actually lying. They may perform mental and linguistic gymnastics, and spew farfetched, unprovable claims, but most of them are conditioned enough, that they really believe what they say…. then there are the Joel Osteens, who do it for the money and power. 👿


  1. I would venture that likely we will never find a beginning or end because there isn’t one. The idea that there was ever “nothing” is even more perplexing than a beginning. The answer is probably there is no mystery. We simply are a part of a much larger organism. How would you know, like a fish tail comprehending the head of a fish, or a skin cell on your backside, so it is with us comprehending the whole.
    Many indigenous sorts have always held that death is a continuation of process. Life is what happens in between death, our most natural state of existence in time.


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