Mauna Kea Protests

You know, there are already enough dark sky spots in the world as it is, and people don’t want an observatory being constructed on a sacred mount, Mauna Kea, why not just move it someplace else? It’s comparable to someone desecrating Mecca or the Dome of the Rock, learn to respect other people’s cultures, people, for fuck’s sakes.

We already have enough observatories as it is, and there’s plenty of prime real estate in places like, I don’t know, the MOON for dark sky observations, getting out into space is something that’s a big deal for many people, this should be one of the major impetuses to move to space. Why wait? It’s a win-win.


Gravity, what is it? No one knows exactly *what* gravity is. We can predict its behaviors but not much else, because even relativity’s only an incomplete view. We don’t know exactly what the essence of gravity is, nor the answer to other conundrums like why gravity is so weak compared to the other three forces, and to be frank, speculation aside, we may never know the answer to this haunting riddle, the riddle that has haunted scientists since the days of Galileo and Newton, what is gravity?

This video by the excellent as always John Michael Godier elaborates more on this subject:

I highly recommend it.

An amusing anecdote

There was once a captured Nahua warrior, captured by the Aztecs, slated to be sacrificed in ritual combat. He was given a blunted club with feathers on the edges as mock (literally “mock,” get it?) blades. He proceeded to beat eight elite Aztec warriors to death with no armor and only a wooden club as a weapon.

This impressed the Aztecs so much they offered him a spot of command in the Aztec army, specifically a command of the elite jaguar units. The man scoffed and said, “I would rather die a thousand times than command cowards like these.” This pissed Montezuma off royally, and he ordered the man executed.

Talk about a sore loser, huh?