Fetal heartbeat bills

Recently there has been a trend among red states to outlaw abortion after six weeks, when the first fetal heartbeat occurs. Of course this is before many women are aware of their pregnancies, but since when did old, white conservative males ever gave a fuck about what women want in relation to their own bodies? Never. The ultimate end goal of this seems to be to get to the Supreme Court, where abortion was legalized up to twenty weeks after conception in the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v Wade (1973).

The timing to pass these bills is especially suspicious given that we now have a conservative majority in Congress, including the rapist and perjurer Brett Kavanaugh, who is also very conservative. Chief Justice Roberts is now the swing vote ever since Justice Kennedy retired, hopefully he sees the light of reason and votes against this blatant attempt at denying women of their rights to bodily autonomy. Keep your fingers crossed, folks, it’s going to be a long ride.

Remember, if conservatives were really concerned with small government, they wouldn’t try restricting the rights of women to have the final say over their own bodies, but they aren’t, they never were. It’s blatant hypocrisy, after all, as Ted Haggard once infamously said, “as Christians we have a right to treat certain people differently.” Mr Haggard then went on to be caught having sex with a gay prostitute. Classy.

2 thoughts on “Fetal heartbeat bills

  1. A woman has the right to control her own body.
    An embryo, a fetus, a baby are not her own body.
    I support a woman’s abortion rights.
    I’m not sure about a man’s abortion rights.


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