The stupidity of my fellow humans never ceases to amaze me. Vaccines, the bulwark of our key defenses against such terrible diseases that have plagued humanity for eons such as measles, are now the victim of their own success. People forget what it was like in the era before vaccinations were around, your grand parents can tell you, assuming they are Boomers or Silent gen in reference to, say, fucking POLIO. Look, the supposed “link” between vaccines and autism is complete and utter horseshit refuted as soon as the claims by that charlatan Andrew Wakefield were released.

I`m going to say this outright, people who don’t vaccinate their kids should lose custody of their children. They’re committing child abuse, as well as endangering the people around them, by enabling these unvaccinated kids to contract measles and other dangerous diseases. There are obvious civil liberties issues that comes with this of course, but at some point you gotta draw the line between the common good and individual rights. In cases like this, with measles, once declared eradicated throughout the US and Canada, having returned due to dipshits not vaccinating themselves and their children, we should honestly collectively say “to hell with this” and do something about it.

Your religious beliefs aren’t as important as your child’s fucking life. Vaccinate your FUCKING kids, or else.

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