Intelligent design?

If the universe is intelligently designed, then why does it appear to be unintelligently designed in structure, simply being a matter of emergence, bottoms up structure rather than from the top down? Everything we see in the universe is explainable by natural phenomena, the laws of physics are sufficient to explain what we see in our own universe rather than invoking some magic entity to attempt to explain it all.

Some might point out the wonders of life as “proof” of intelligent design. A good question to ask them is, if life is intelligently designed, then why do whales have lungs? An intelligent designer wouldn’t give whales lungs, he’d give them gills, and yet whales still have lungs like every other mammal out there. That is a stupid design, and you expect me to believe some omniscient, omnipotent deity created whales from scratch, complete with flaws? If that is really the case, then your god is a stupid one indeed.

Oddities like the presence of lungs in whales or vestigial tailbones in modern humans indicates that we had ancestors that possessed lungs and tails, which also implies that we have changed over time to lose our tails. If that’s not evidence of evolution, then what is it?

This doesn’t apply to just life either, even the structure of the universe itself is explainable by natural laws and the concept of emergence. Grand as galaxies may be, they are not intelligent constructs, but merely swirling bunches of stars, gas, and rock gravitationally bound to a supermassive black hole in the centers of all galaxies, solar systems may appear to be expert pieces of clockwork, but all we see suggests that the order we see in our solar system alone is merely the work of natural laws like gravity and emergence, we don’t have too many asteroids in our orbit because Earth cleared them all out, all of the ice giants are located in the outer solar system because that’s where conditions are cool enough for “ices” like ammonia to coalesce around rocky, metallic cores, the reasons rings of minor planetary bodies like the Asteroid or Kuiper Belt is because those are the regions of the Solar System where no large planets have formed that are big enough to clear their orbits of debris, essentially being the leftover remnants of when our solar system first formed, over five billion years ago.

Since all we see in nature is easily explainable by natural phenomena and emergence, why do we feel the need to deny reality and invoke nonexistent deities and magic instead to explain them?

One thought on “Intelligent design?

  1. I couldn’t find the Job post and hurrying, and you mention metallic cores, so irrelevantly a comment here.
    “The Egyptians believed that iron meteorites were bones of the gods, and the 
    Ancient Greeks believed in metal people, for example Helena of the white arms 
    was the Homeric symbol of tin, her arms round white ingots, her long glittering 
    robes she made herself were heaps of the glittering tin ore cassitterite, her 
    thread was tin wire by then cut out of hammered tin sheet, her husband xanthos Menelaos personified copper, the color xanthos covering all hues of copper 
    ores, yellow brown reddish, their daughter lovely Hermione who resembled 
    golden Aphrodite symbolized bronze, alloy of copper and tin, of a golden shine 
    when freshly cast. Moreover Menelaos had a slave woman for a mistress who 
    personified andrasit, a natural alloy of copper and zinc found in the Troas, 
    or zinc in enslaved form, and their son was strong late come Megapenthes, 
    Homeric personification of brass, harder than bronze, and arriving late in 
    the ‘family’ of metals. You may consult book 4 of the Odyssey. They lived 
    in the hall of Menelaos, but originally (I believe) in the central world 
    mountain that was destroyed by the Flood released by Zeus, in an oral epic 
    by the name of AD LAS, toward AD mountain LAS, Eurasia oriented toward 
    the central world mountain that was destroyed and became the mountains of 
    Central Asia, among them the Alai Mountains where copper and tin was and 
    still is associated in the same mines … AD LAS became Atlantis, fragments 
    of the oral epic from maybe 6,000 years ago surviving in the oldest layers 
    of Greek mythology. Perhaps one day we can restore the lost epic? ” Franz G at sci.lang


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