Biblical Contradictions #2

This time we focus on the disparity in the Gospels of Jesus’ original birthplace, that is, Bethlehem and Nazareth. Jesus couldn’t have been born in two places, such a thing wouldn’t be possible, it’s inherently contradictory, a person can’t be born in two places at once… unless the Bible is referring to two separate Jesuses.

Let me explain, the possibility has been raised before that while the Jesus of the Gospels never existed as depicted in said Gospels, there may have been many a Jesus that the Gospel Jesus is ultimately based on, a composite character of several real and fictional people, if you will. Sort of like how Moses is arguably a composite character of Hammurabi and Sargon, two great Mesopotamian emperors and lawgivers.

Either way, this demonstrates that the Bible isn’t the inerrant word of God, for what omniscient, infallible deity would make such a basic copying error?

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