Happy New Year’s, Everybody!

I want to wish all of my readers a happy New Year’s, by which we’re basing this off of the Gregorian Calendar, of course, if we were still using the Julian Calendar New Year’s wouldn’t arrive for another two weeks or so months, and right now would be December 19 of 2018, not January 1 of 2019. If one were to use the Islamic Calendar, which is lunar rather than solar-based, it would be Rabiʻ II 25, 1440, marking it this particular month and day in the 1440th year since Muhammad’s death. If one were to use the Jewish Calendar, today’s date would be Tevet 24, 5779, marking this particular day and month in the 5779th year since the date of Creation by Yahweh.

Humans have always been obsessed with time, and ways to mark time. This is important for several reasons, foremost among them being when to properly mark the date of important rituals or celebrations, such as when the celebration of the Winter Solstice is to occur. Our calendars are based off of two sources, the Sun and the Moon, and with these two different sources come a differing number of days in the year according to whatever calendar one’s culture is accustomed to using.

For example, if one is using a lunar calendar, a month would be approximately 30 days long, no deviations, and so a standard year in a lunar calendar would be 360 days, rather than the 365 days one would normally see in a solar-based calendar. Neat, huh?

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